Framo pumps

The Framo cargo pump is a vertical single stage centrifugal pump powered by a hydraulic motor for safe and efficient operation. Welcome to the home page of Framo AS, the manufacturer of Framo pumps. Through a continuous and helpful dialogue with our customers and by unremitting .

Framo hydraulically driven submerged cargo pumps provide safe, efficient and . Framo`s international activities began with the introduction of high pressure hydraulically driven pumps in the early sixties. Framo hydraulic cargo pumping system on ships with description of hydraulic power pack, alarm, system pressure, feed pumps, ballast pump . Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter,. Purging of cargo pump cofferdam or level control of liquid filled . The Framo cargo pump is a vertical single stage centrifugal pump powered by a hydraulic motor for safe. Advantage of the Framo pumps is that they do not cost a lot for installation, do not require high costs for maintenance and operating and do not .

In JD the hydraulic inlet valve is opened only when the cargo tank pump is run. On Framo the ball valve for high pressure inlet is closed only . Framo Submerged Cargo Pump Purging Routine. Service Bulletin Keep you up to date with the . Pressure surges may cause severe damage to the pipeline, hoses, metal arms and cargo pumps. Pressure surges will be excessive if a valve is closed too . Frank Mohn AS marketed under the brand name Framo is a supplier of submerged cargo pumps to the tanker market. Framo Submerged Ballast Pumps OPERATION MANUAL No.

Framo to Supply Subsea Pumps for Total EP Angola. Framo Engineering, a Schlumberger company, today announced a $200-million contract from Total . Finally, the participants are provided hands-on practice on the dismantling of the FRAMO cargo pump, replacing wear rings, cargo seals, . Swedish heat transfer and centrifugal separation and fluid handling firm Alfa Laval has won an order to supply Framo pumping systems to an . Framo AS company research investing information. It offers cargo pumping systems that include submerged cargo pumps, deck mounted cargo heaters, . Enquire Frank Mohn Marine Suppliers on ShipServ Pages, the world’s number one marine. Castle Pumps Ltd are the UK agent for Azcue pumps who have .