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Are Play Services causing battery drain on your phone? This tutorial teaches you how to solve Play Services battery drain issues on your Android device. Google Play Services eating battery – Android Forums at.

Google Nexus 6BufretLignendeOversett denne siden15. In both phones, Play Services is at the top of the battery. What version of Play Services are you running?

Myself, I’ve never opened Fit, and I’m not having any Services or Fit Battery drain issues.

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Google play services completely draining the battery. If you experience high battery drain and Play Service consumption is quite high in your battery stats, you can try this fix to solve the . Google Play Services battery drain fixinnlegg16. Massive play services battery drain on.

OnePlus One Play Service battery drain – with a. Google Play Services-Battery Drain Fixinnlegg9.

How To Fix: Play Services Battery Drain – The Gazette Reviewgazettereview. How To Fix: Play Services Battery Drain. There have been plenty of reports around the web of phones running Android Kitkat, Lollipop . It will take couple of times to work depending on os version.

Yesterday play services updated itself to latest version 9. Since then my phone has been draining battery too fast. It can sometimes drain an excessive amount of battery power, but you can solve this problem. Google Play Services” used to appear on . If your Android device battery isn’t lasting as long as it shoul Play Services might be the source of the problem. Here, we have listed the methods of How to Fix Play Services Battery Draining Problem.

To prevent the battery draining, then visit . I think I might’ve found a fix for the battery drain issue which I’ve been having since March, well at least for it seems to have worked or it. My battery life was acceptable on my phone with decent signal allowing my phone to last 12+ hours on a single charge with about hours . Realized battery was draining A LOT faster than it should. Google Play Services was at the top of my battery use by far.

Right now my battery is at and only of the loss is from play services. I don’t know what the app does to accomplish that but I can . I have a Galaxy Swith Sprint, and recently my battery life got slightly worse, and when I checke it turns out my biggest battery hog. How to Fix Play Services Battery Drain!

Today I’ll show you how to fix the Play Services. We’ve seen numerous reports of Play Services eating battery in KitKat and Lollipop, on the Note Nexus and Galaxy S6. There are some possible reasons of Play Store Consuming so much of battery: 1. How to fix play services battery drain? Disable these two services using Disable Service App. GoogleLocationManagerServiceLocationService Full . Google Play Services battery drain – Android.

Google Play Services stay awake battery drain.