Official beer pong rules

The Official Rules of The World Series of Beer Pong – the rules used for crowning World Champions of Beer Pong and paying out cash prizes exceeding . House/party beer pong rules – a general overview of some common house party beer pong rules. See also The Official Rules of The World Series of Beer Pong.

Official beer pong rules – how to play beer pong, beirut rules. Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball. In the World Series of Beer Pong rules, only a single-ball ‘rollback’ occurs resulting in a three cup maximum that can be made per turn. In the fall of 200 Georgetown University officially banned all beer pong paraphernalia such .

We realize that there are hundreds of sets of rules for beer pong depending on where you play. An attempt was made to consider all rules . This is a comprehensive list of official beer pong rules. There are many situations in beer pong that call for a specific rule and this will cover them all.

Gå til Playing by Different Rules – Image titled Play Beer Pong Step 11. There are many variations to the rules of beer pong. These rules are based upon WSOBP Rules, official WSOBP rules available at.

Beer Pongers Anonymous will not be liable for the resulting ridicule . An official Beer Pong table that is 2′ wide x 8′ long.

If this is not clear just have fun with your own rules, or watch our video. Oz or 475mL Australian Blues Beer Pong Australia cups are most common. When you are playing a tournament officially run by one of our tournament sponsors in . Place cups (or for a light game) on each end of a table in tight triangle formations with rims touching, like . Redemption is an advanced rule of beer pong where a team is beaten by their opponents, but have a last chance to “redeem” themselves. Rebuttal is a rule in Beer Pong that comes in to play after one team has sunk the ball into their opponents last cup and their opponents then get one more shot to . The official Beer Pong rules for college students.

Here is the Chuggie Official Beer Pong House Rules List. Featuring different beer pong rules that you can add and call your own for your House Rules! We’ve witnessed some big macho tough guys declare that the beer pong bounce shot rules or bouncing is for bitches, but we’d like to disagree. When a player has finished drinking from the cup, the player must . As an aid to all incoming college students as well as those who returning for another year, The Mug Rack has . There’s no such thing as “official” beer pong rules, and if you think otherwise, I will belittle you in a future post. Without rules, the game would be drunken chaos.

NOTE: Official beer pong rules refer to this this a “miracle,” but count it as a missed shot.